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The Care Act 2014 and the statutory guidance Care and Support for Deafblind Children and Adults requires local authorities to have access to specifically trained workers who can provide one-to-one support to deafblind people.  Deafblind Communicator-Guide training from Hearing and Sight Solutions will enable care providers to meet this requirement.

Communicator Guide training is for support workers, personal assistants  and others who provide one-to-one support and is designed to meet the requirements of the statutory guidance.  Communicator-Guides are the eyes and ears of deafblind people and this course prepares them for the Signature level 2 award Communicating and Guiding with Deafblind People. A pre-training workbook covers basic deafblind awareness whilst the course itself provides Communicator-Guides with a range of communication skills needed which enable deafblind people to participate fully in society together with practice in safe guiding techniques. Our Communicator-Guide training will cover all aspects of supporting deafblind people together with discussion about boundaries and a code of conduct.


This course will give:

  • knowledge of deafblindness as a unique disability and know what unique features identify a person as being deafblind
  • knowledge of the emotional and practical difficulties faced by people with sight and hearing impairment
  • information about some common eye and ear conditions and their impact
  • knowledge of the language commonly used to describe deafblindness
  • knowledge of the numbers and types of deaf and deafblind people in the UK
  • knowledge of the categories covered by the term deafblind and to understand their impact on mobility and communication
  • knowledge of how a deafblind person’s language and cultural background affects communication.
  • knowledge of the barriers set up by society to successful communication and access to information and how these barriers can be overcome
  • knowledge a range of technological aids to low vision and communication available to deafblind people.
  • guidance on listening skills and providing basic emotional support for deafblind people
  • guidance on providing accessible information including clear print and information about Braille and audio formats
  • practice in a range of communication skills including clear speech, Fingerspelling and Deafblind Manual
  • information about a range of alternative methods of communication with deafblind people
  • a demonstration of and practice in safe guiding techniques
  • information about the work of Language Service Professionals and other communication support roles.
  • information about the main national organisations that work with deaf and deafblind people.

Hearing and Sight Solutions offers Deafblind Communicator-Guide training in a number of ways:

  • Organisations which employ staff as Communicator-Guides may wish to commission a short course at their own venue. Training takes place over four or five days (depending on numbers attending) and includes time for written and practical assessment. The days may be arranged consecutively or spread over a number of weeks to suit the needs of the commissioning organisation. We are able to offer this course ar £1600 plus travel and subsistence costs (£1800 plus travel and subsistence if the five day version is required). The Signature assessment fee of £117 per candidate is payable separately.
  • A one-to-one or small group short course provides training for Communicator-Guides through a mix of tutorials in their own home or workplace and guided private study. Assessment will take place in a suitable venue local to the candidate and arranged by Hearing and Sight Solutions. The training will cost £900 (plus reasonable pre-agreed travel and subsistence costs) for the first candidate and £450 each for any additional candidates. The Signature assessment fee of £117 is additional to those charges.


Individual employers (deafblind people who directly employ their care or support staff) are now able to apply for grant funding directly from Skills for Care to support the full costs of Communicator-Guide training and development for themselves and their personal assistants. For further information visit the Skills for Care website here.


For further information or to discuss your Communicator-Guide training requirements please contact Hearing and Sight Solutions by telephone on 0117 230 2292 or by e mail or using our contact form. We will do all we can to meet your training needs.

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