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Deafblind Awareness Training

Available in a half or full day format, our Deafblind Awareness Training gives front line staff insight into the difficulties faced by people with combined sight problems and hearing loss together with training in communication techniques and enabling lipreading, improving the environment and tips on safely guiding deafblind people.


Many people – especially older people lose their sight and hearing. This can make visiting going into a residential or nursing home a terrifying and isolating experience as they find themselves unable to join in conversation with other residents or take part in activities. It can make people nervous about using home-care services.


Some very simple steps taken by management and staff can transform those experiences and enable clients to get the most out of the service. Deafblind Awareness training is an essential for staff who work with older people in almost any setting.


Supporting People with Combined Sight and Hearing Loss - Deafblind Awareness will give front line staff insight into the difficulties faced by people with sight and hearing loss together with guidance on improving the environment and offering support.


The course will give:

  • knowledge of the emotional and practical difficulties faced by older people as they lose their sight and hearing
  • ideas for making the environment safe and accessible
  • guidance on how to provide accessible information
  • practical methods of communication with hard of hearing people


Staff who will benefit from this course:

From social care and housing:

  • Director level manager with responsibility for services to deafblind people
  • Social Workers, Care Managers and Occupational Therapists
  • Home Care Assistants and Escort and Guiding Staff
  • Housing Officers
  • Receptionists and Call Centre Staff

From health-care:

  • Home Care staff
  • Nurses and Support Staff
  • Practice Managers and Receptionist

This course can be provided at your venue at a cost of £250 plus travel expenses for a half day or £450 plus travel expenses for a more detailed full day version. Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance together with a copy of all presentations and supporting handouts.


Please contact us for further information or to discuss your particular Deafblind Awareness training needs.

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