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Deafblind Children and Adults

Identifying and Assessing Deafblind People

The Care Act 2014 and the statutory guidance Care and Support for Deafblind Children and Adults requires local authorities to ensure that when an assessment of needs for care and support is carried out, this is done by a person or team that has specific training and expertise relating to Deafblind people - in particular to assess the need for communication, one-to-one human contact, social interaction and emotional wellbeing, support with mobility assistive technology and habilitation/rehabilitation;


Identifying and Assessing Deafblind People is a three or four day course which will enable delegates to recognise that an individual is deafblind and what support can be provided in communication, access to information and mobility. The four day version prepares dealegates to be assessed for the Signature level 3 award Evaluating the Needs of Deafblind People which is compliant with the qualification required by the Care Act.The course will cover topics at the level required by the statutory guidance and will include:

  • The purpose of assessment
  • Description of deafblindness
  • Congential and acquired deafblindness
  • Appropriate terminology
  • Impact of deafblindness on well being:
  • Communication
    • purpose of communication
    • barriers to communication
    • means of communication used by deafblind people
    • how personal history affects communication
    • working with language service professionals
  • Access to Information
    • barriers to access
    • presenting information effectively
  • Mobility
    • understanding mobility
    • barriers to mobility
    • promoting effective mobility
  • Social isolation and its impact on mental health
  • One to one human contact and social interaction
  • Assistive Technology
  • The eligibility framework

Social Workers, care managers, rehabilitation workers and care brokers will all benefit from this training. Delegates will receive a comprehensive handbook together with a copy of all presentations and a certificate of attendance. This course can be provided at your venue for £1400 plus pre-agreed travel and subsistence costs.

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